Nerve Pain, Muscle Pain and More

Back pain is twofold: acute and chronic. Acute starts suddenly, can be difficult to lift when it seems impossible to even move. Fortunately, he’s passing too fast. Chronic pain is intensifying, it is exacerbated, but it is constantly disturbed. Treatment depends on the nature of the pain. Acute pain gets worse when moving as low as possible. Helps cold compresses, pain relievers. The reason for chest back pain should be determined by your doctor. It can turn out that the pain is caused by inappropriate posture, impaired lifestyle, long hours in the car, but more serious causes can be identified: joints, spinal cord, bone diseases.

Back Pain

If you start to feel sick after a shock, put cold compresses in the dark without waiting for you. If you do not have medical supplies, you will use a towel and a frozen food bag, a bottle of drink in the fridge. If the pain is overthrown as if without a cause, it can help suppress her medication. If you take them, refine them, but not in soft furnishings, but on a harder surface. True, doctors caution: do not panic too long, otherwise your back is completely stiff. Work on customary homework, just do not overdo it. After two or three days, when the acute pain is over-molding, the back should be warmed up as often as possible (it will be a hot shower). If you do not feel well or the pain begins to spread to your leg, be sure to contact your doctor.


Pain relief affects not only working conditions, age, but also psychological well-being, harmful habits. It has been reported that women are more likely to face these problems, and factors such as stress, anxiety or depression can even reduce the pain threshold. For various cases, physiotherapists also help with the treatment of neurologists. Properly evaluating the patient’s muscle condition, they prepare the best patient-friendly exercise.

“To prevent back pain, it is important to regularly exercise that strengthens the back muscles. Research has found that people recover faster if they stay active. Enhancement improves blood circulation and metabolism in the back muscles, decreases muscle spasm and pain. Recommended stretching and back muscle building exercises, walking, swimming. Exercises that require rotation, bending, as well as high intensity exercises, which increase pain, should be avoided. During work, longitudinal spine should be treated several times a day. If the work is standing, it is recommended to support a low support under the feet and alternately put one, the other leg on it. It is recommended to choose a medium hard mattress when sleeping is comfortable. Yoga, meditation and relaxation techniques can also help to reduce stress and tension,” said Dr. J. Guk, a neurosurgeon, who advised the doctor.