The Common Causes of Back Pain

Employees of the Bank, employees of various institutions, accountants… A considerable part of the people working in the day is not nearly the same as a chair. And where do you spend hours in the car or at home on the TV. So, the best way to get rid of this is to use natural muscle relaxants.

What can be the result of a permanent sitting, perhaps we all know: from a long sitting the spinal cord suffers the most, and the back muscles get bruised. Doctors say that no back pain is untreated, so it’s worth knowing why it starts to hurt your back and how to avoid that unpleasant feeling.

1. Irregular posture

Irregular posture, according to specialists, is one of the most important causes of back pain. If you are constantly choking, you are used to standing or sitting tilted, most tensile not the back, but the muscles of the movement. These, when working off their work, get tired quickly and start eating.

2. Sport injuries

For people who are actively engaged in sports, back pain is well-known. But do not think that it’s just a threat to professional athletes. Any movement, when you suddenly bend or turn, can tighten your back muscles. You can experience the so-called “sports trauma” either at home or in the garden. The first aid in this case is a good back massage. It will not be necessary if you always remember how to properly hold your back: it needs to be a bit relaxed and straight, and not curled up in a question mark. It’s not as easy as it may seem at first glance – after all, we do almost all the homework leaning forward.

3. Sudden movements

The back is a flexible bone and muscle compound that can move in even six directions (forward, back, lateral and circular movements to one and the other side). Often, your spine is traumatized with several movements at once. Women usually do this on two occasions: when the toe is causing a heavy object (should be tucked up!) Or when it puts the child through the narrow car door (bending and rotating simultaneously). When lifting a heavy object, the maximum load must be on the thighs, not on the back. Therefore, if you try to take the back of your carrier, you must keep the straight and the object you want to keep as close to your feet as possible, and not rest in any way during a sudden movement.

4. Spinal diseases can also cause back pain

The most important thing is the exact diagnosis, then, with the help of a doctor, there is certainly one way or another. A scoliosis called a spinal curvature on one side often afflicts teenagers (due to a permanent irregular sitting) and people of some professions who always work the same posture (violinists, seamstresses). At first, the spine is swollen when the person is very tired. Later it is bent continuously: the shoulders and shoulders on one side are higher, the other – below. The pain of the back and between the ribs is quickly tired from the slightest physical activity. The disease is treated with exercise, massage, sometimes it is necessary to wear a curative corset. If you constantly have to work in the same position, it is advisable to take breaks as often as possible and move in free time. Larynx (spinal curvature) usually occurs in patients with hip disease, obesity. Helps massage, exercise, curative corset. A disease that affects the vertebral articular joint is called spondylitis. In the vertebrae, peptic bone growth occurs, which affects the nerves of the back, pain spreads to one or both legs of the bowel. Young people get sick with spondylosis because of excessive physical activity, frequent injuries, and elderly people – as if without reason (in fact, due to irregular posture). Medicines prescribed by a doctor, back massage, therapeutic exercise, acupuncture can help.

5. Menstruation

Menstruation can also have a backache, especially the lower part of it. Pain is caused by nerve impulses from the uterus and ovary. In this case, massage and some yoga exercises help. If you start your back with your menstruation, try the following simple exercise: sit down, place your entire back on the wall, and hold your feet together and pull as close to your buttocks as possible. Sit in such a position at least a few minutes several times a day.

6. Pregnancy

In the last months of pregnancy, almost all future mothers complain of back pain. The ever-growing abdomen pulls back the spine and changes the balance center. The muscles of the back are usually not strong enough to smooth it. In addition, the hormonal balance changes in pregnancy: increases in progesterone and relaxation, which are designed to increase tissue elasticity. It is very useful during labor, but the back muscles therefore cause additional stress. By the way, the back pain will also endanger the woman who has given birth, if her baby’s care is on her shoulders on her back, not yet strengthened after childbirth. Pregnant tired back pain helps prevent or at least reduce the pregnancy corset.

7. Long sitting

For a long time sitting in one position or constantly doing monotonous movements, you feel back pain quite quickly. Office clerks average 40 hours spend a week at the desk. So long to sit is very damaging to the back. No less harmful to spend hours of hours behind the car’s steering wheel. Worst of all, when working or driving, the head is busy with things other than thinking about the correct posture. Look at your colleagues who focus on the computer screen. Do you see them sitting? Most – as much as possible, seemingly fit and comfortable, but actually relaxing only the back muscles. And the movements of the muscles are tense, they have to keep the body, so they quickly get tired and start eating.

8. Lack of movement

None of the back pain is untreated. However, people with strong back muscles are at the lowest risk. Unfortunately, even regular sports people do not pay enough attention. Remember the regular workout at the sports club: most likely, until the ninth sweat, you exercise the abdominal press, attach the muscles of the buttocks, legs, arms. Exercise your back, especially the lower part of it? They almost do not exist. It’s easy to check if your back muscles are strong enough: if you can always keep your belly inserted, your back is all right. If not, start practicing it!

9. Heavy weight

Heavy carrying bag in one hand is a huge burden on the back. The best solution, which is known to every primer, is the backpack. But will you see a lot of people going to the store with backpacks ?! For women weighing more than 5 kg it is advisable to divide women into two baskets. Of course, you will not be so elegantly packed, but you’ll protect your back. And that’s the key.

10. Low furniture

Soft low sofas and armchairs are delighted with comfort. However, when you are sitting on low furniture, the knee with thighs forms a sharp angle, and the back muscles are completely relaxed. You may be comfortable, but your back – in fact: every vertebra of the spine takes a huge load. The furniture should be of such height that the feet of the seated are based on the floor, and the legs with the thighs should have an angle of posture.